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  • Hebei High Crystal Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as High Crystal Company) is a key project in Hebei Province, which is located in Lu Chan street of Industrial Park,Yongnian County, Handan.High crystal company covers an area of 10 million square meters with a total construction area..
  • China Electric Power Construction and Africa electric union to visit the company guidance of Gaojing
  • High Crystal Company adheres to the idea of "innovation drive, green rise"to devote to design primary and secondary energy efficiency and energy-saving transformer of R & D S13 type, and  products are proprietary intellectual property rights,annual production capacity of 25000 units / s..
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  • July 2015, Gao Jing and Baosteel Group the Joint Institute jointly established  domestic high-quality steel, major research and production of high quality silicon steel strip in the energy transformer application. Future, high grain companies will forge ahead with a number of partners and cust..
    Hebei High Cry..
  • 2016, Gaojing companies and Wuhan Steel Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides decided to further expand the scale of production of raw materials and increase transformer technology. In the same year, three-dimensional high grain companies wound core products to the..
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  • Tridimensional Toroidal-Core transformers
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  • Tridimensional..
    Tridimensional Toroidal-core Tridimensional toroidal core adopts a combination of the arrangement of core, with three identical single mine formulating a core of equilateral triangle. Usually the corporation would use cold-rolled-oriented silicon steel of low iron loss and high magnetic permeability and adjust to the demands by our customers. The core is made of silicon steel sheets and rolled by professional devices from narrow to wide with annealing treatment.  The enclosed core frame does not have air gaps like laminated one, which enables exploitation of the grain-orientation of silicon steel sheets, so the transfo..
    S13 Tridimensional Toroidal-core Power Transformer The body of S13 tridimensional toroidal-core power transformers is in the shape of triangular prism with tensile rods set up in the middle and around, which is insulated from upper and lower iron yoke and could form a unity with laminated boards. Thus it can firmly resist axial and radial mechanical stress when sudden short circuit happens. According to National Standard GB/T6451 “Specification and technical requirements for three-phase oil-immersed power transformers”, the no-load loss of S13 tridimensional toroidal-core power transformers of 30-1600kVA has averagely decreased 50%. At present ..
    Amorphous allo..
    Amorphous alloy core Amorphous alloy core is the use of amorphous alloy strip by shearing, forming, annealing, gluing, curing and other advanced technology from manufacturers. It is a high permeability, low-loss soft magnetic material core, in the field of new energy-saving power distribution current large-scale urban and rural power grids, the stack is to replace silicon steel core product. Features: amorphous alloy is a new type of energy-saving materials, typical of amorphous alloy containing 80% iron, boron and other ingredients is silicon, the production process using rapid quench solidification processing, its physical sta..
    Amorphous allo..
    SBH15 Oil-immersed Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer The product is oil-sealed, with the same principle of sealed power transformers. The elements of amorphous alloy are iron, nickel, cobalt, boron and carbon. The material is isotropic and soft magnetic with low magnetization power. The structural defect that hinders the moving of domain walls with extremely thin thickness of merely 0.027 mm, merely small filled coefficient of 0.75 to 0.8, 3 to 6 times higher resistivity compared with silicon steel sheets, and 5 times hardness. Amorphous alloy is sensitive to stress. The load loss of SBH15 series products drops 15% according to GB/T6451 standard whereas ..
    Dry-type trans..
    Epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers 1, the voltage level: 10 ~ 35 / 0.4kV, capacity: 30 ~ 3150kVA 2, low-loss silicon steel core made of high permeability material, stepped multistage seam structure, help to reduce no-load loss and no-load current; core clamping and tightening anti-loose structure. 3, the main insulating epoxy resin coating for complex operating environment 4, winding through the vacuum casting solidified into solid unit, PD, high mechanical strength, resistance to short-circuit capability 5, the resin insulating layer is thin, thermal performance, strong overload capacity Applications High-rise buildings, densely populated ..

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